The truth about eliminating food groups.

clean dairy food whole30 Feb 12, 2018

Hey BioSquad!

 For today’s blog, I would like to tackle the topic of dieting. We all hate that word, right? I’m a huge proponent of eating clean and eating organic whenever possible. I like to call eating a lifestyle rather than a diet. Because we can’t eat healthy and balanced for a few weeks and then immediately start eating biscuits and gravy and bacon the next week and expect to stay fit or have any energy to get through our workouts.

I think it is best to keep a balanced diet, including green vegetables, apples, berries, almonds, cashews, walnuts, flax and chia seeds, lean organic meat, organic eggs, beans, etc. Many people, in an effort to lose weight, start cutting out certain food groups, like carbs for example. I do think it is good to cut out bad carbohydrates like white bread, white sugar, anything processed, and stay away from grains if they bother your digestive system or you have celiac, etc. However, sweet potatoes, and healthy unprocessed...

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